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Commenting on Platinum Wire (with Myndseye)

A piece like this makes my job easy.  It's got a great Hi-Fi sound, great stereo tricks going on.  Lots of details that just take hold of your attention.  "Mix" seems like a harsh word for this, I would rather say blend.  The tracks belong together and the intruments flow.

The guitarist, John Fiore, plays in an incredible way.  It's like watching a high wire acrobat with suspensful amazement.  Will he fall?
 You, in the audience looking up know he won't but the skill and grace are captivating.

Pascal Gregory (Syngularity)
Managing Editor - (IOM) Europe
R Cat Communications, Canada   


Well, it's springtime... With a touch of summer -- unbelievable 73 degrees Fahrenheit in my part of Germany (at night!), and I always love to listen to great upbeat tracks in these times, with happy messages, sung by passionate singers, who tell the world that someone just has saved their life - a new flame.

"Angeline" is full of joie de vivre... okay, John Fiore already found his love, and her true name is Rhonda, but that can't hold us back to enjoy this brilliant, catchy Rock song. As a fine & expressive soloist, inspired by the works of so different artists like Allman Brothers, Clapton, Eagles and Dream Theater (probably not so different - all of them proved a spooky sense for unforgettable Rock classics), John shows us the best of the rest with the happiest yelling vocals you can imagine from a male singer (as perfectly performed harmonies... they'll take you straight to the beach!). What will we find else... beautiful distorted guitar lines, a very cool bass work and a strictly powerful Rock groove, that invites you to dance.
Possibly you won't stop before the end of summer.

We need more songs like this one - right now. The temperature is rising...  



This is the REAL DEAL, and THEN SOME!
This track features an amazing guitarist with incredible dexterity and intuition on his instrument. The guitar savvy demonstrated here is top shelf, and the compositional skills are masterful, as not a single riff is wasted, each contributing to memorable musical experience that I'm going to enjoy over and over again! Bravo!

Reviewed by: 70x from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania



Very cool intro. Gritty in a well produced eighties way. The drums were not exactly stellar, nor was the background music. But the guitar, wow!!!! What the fuck is your deal man?! You rock it like I've never heard!!

Reviewed by: otar from Iowa City, Iowa

I like how tastefully the guitar was done.....
Man, he is going off! Stevie Ray feel to it. Wasn't over-done, and that's good. Performance was outstanding. I liked everything about this song. Job well done!

- NatuSabverata
Burlington, North Carolina 


Alien Workshop
I love the intro very original. You guys need to be signed and if are, you need more exposure. Hand out free cd's do what ever and thank you for invading my computer. If it's two good friends jamming together on guitar and bass, stay together no matter what the cost. You guys rock.

Reviewed by: mackillip420 from Breckenridge, Colorado 

A beautiful thing indeed. Absolutely wonderful. Great skill, Great tones - Great freaking song. You are very gifted. Awesome job! You kick ass!

Reviewed by: MilesHelm from Vacaville, California
If fire breathing dragons played guitar, they would play like John Fiore. John's self titled solo project seethes with raw energy and power, making it difficult to set still and review, when all your muscles are screaming to get up and dance. John shows a familiarity with a full range of musical styles from smooth to banging and from catchy to smash mouth. His mastery of the instrument complements his well delivered vocals and his knowledge of the studio is evident in the overall packaging of the project.
If you like dynamite guitar, hot vocals, and songwriting guaranteed to keep you dancing all night, check out John Fiore, you won't forget him once you have!

                                                         Patrick Dodd